Friday, June 5, 2020

White Privilege Saves My Ass (again)
I had a cop draw down on me once.  It was a strange situation n a strange day.  I  had been in Canandaigua attending, of all things, a rally for George The Moron Busch.  He was selling his Medicare Part D gift to the Big Pharma and since I  was for better or worse the political officer for  my company, I had gotten an invitation from the local GOOP mob. How could I refuse? 

So after the rally I stopped by my house, which is  on the way back to  the office, and had lunch.  Our road runs directly under Interstate 90 which is the route Busch would  be taking to the airport.  So I am driving back to  the office, and I notice a cop car stopped about 20 yards on the other side of  the I-90 overpass blocking the road.  He has his flashers on. I slow down and stop between the overpass and the cop  car. 

Next thing I know the cop has jumped out of his car and is pointing his gun at me and shouting.  I distinctly remember shouting back, "What the fuck is wrong with you?"  a statement which, had I  not been surrounded by my puffy cloud of white privilege, would have gotten me killed.  But he just shouted a lot more, still pointing his gun.   

Eventually I got the idea  that Busch was coming this way and this cop was assigned to  keep terrorists from blowing up the overpass. There should have been two cops, one on each side, or he should have parked his car on one side and stood on the other, but there apparently had not been a lot  of  advance planning about this.  Which I said, "how  the hell  was I supposed to know  that?"  and he said well his car was there, and I said, but it wasn't on the other side of the overpass and how the hell was I  supposed to know  what he was doing?     Anyway he didn't kill  me and put his  gun away but he glowered a lot and let me pass. 

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