Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Nice Vacation

A week ago I was fairly convinced I had COVID 19. I  even wrote a blog post headlined, Life With Covid 19.  That's because I had been tracking my fever hourly for about four days.  It had a high of 103.9. and  ranged from 104.5 to 97.6 since May 30, when it  first clocked in at over 102.  Otherwise no  symptoms and I had Covid test that came out negative.
Still, my doctor was convinced, as I was, that I had Covid 19, albeit a mild dose.  So I had another test.  When they take the test, they take a long q-tip and shove it up your nose.  The first time I took it they used a special  kit with its own carrying case and device that looked like a digital thermometer and packed away in its own special plastic case. The test was administered by a very gentle,  soft spoken doctor who apologized for any pain.  I felt nothing.  For the second test I had a battle-weary nurse who used a very long wooden stick, shoved it way back  into my head and rooted around awhile.  "Wanna make sure we get a good sample,"  she said.  I  was definitely aware that someone had shoved a q-tip up my nose, but I  also  wanted to be sure she got a good sample.   She put the q-tip into a plastic sandwich bag.  

Two days later, negative.  So what's caused the fever?  It's a mystery.  I am back and functional and a little disappointed that I did not have a mild case of Covid.  The average recovery is about two weeks, and by the time the test result came back I was nearly two weeks in quarantine.  A few days more and I would have been cleared and potentially carry antibodies that would last for a while. So I  watched a lot of good movies and read a couple of good books.  Nice vacation.

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