Monday, June 1, 2020

 Life in Quarantine

When we started this Covid shut down I  made a practice of taking my temperature regularly, and after a couple of weeks with  no issues, I stopped.  So Saturday, I  got to  thinking about that and took my temperature. I didn't feel sick, just tired from having missed my nap three days in a row, but otherwise fine.  I was a little shocked to discover it was at 102.3. 

What to do?  This can be a serious matter, given that I am a caretaker for a fragile  87-year old.  I called the Covid hotline and they sent me to the clinic... where they found my temperature was normal.  Defective thermometer?    They administered THE TEST, and told me I  should get the results in four days (Wednesday at the latest.) In the meantime,  the prescription is quarantine.

 I have no symptoms, other than  a fever.  (Today its right at 101)

 There are things to like about this.  I spent all day Sunday reading.  Havn't had an excuse to do  that for years.  Finished The Closers,  Michael Connelly; started 1453, Bernard Cornwell; and started A Distant Mirror, Barbara Tuchman.   (The last two I have read before.  Tuchman's history of the middle ages starts at about 1453, with the 100 years war.)  Also read the NYT and WAPO.   Today I cleaned my room, something needed for a long time. 

Things I don't like about it... I have stuff to  get done that I can't do in my room.  Hickory (who is also more or less quarantining) has plenty of stuff to do besides bring me stuff I could get for myself.  And I feel fine.

Do I worry about having Covid 19?  Sure.  But I don't really think I have it. This is just an excess of caution and I expect to be back to normal Wednesday.  If not?  Will keep  you posted. 

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