Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Is there a punch line here somewhere?

George "The Moron" Busch was great for comedy.  It was his only positive aspect. When he left I thought those joyous moments ...  an irate Iraqi throwing a shoe at the President of the USA... would never pass this way again.  Then we got the presnut.  Is it now the best of times?

The Onion tells us that Iraq is preparing to send peacekeepers to the USA.  Andy Borowitz, behind a picture of the presnut's all-white cabinet meeting, tells us it's a task force on racism.  And the memes created from the photo of the presnut in front of the Episcopal Church holding a bible have been priceless. Borowitz tells us, "Trump Struggles to  Identify Unfamiliar  Object."  There is one with his famous "pussy grabbing" quote shopped onto the church bulletin board; one with Matthew 7:15 (beware of false prophets) shopped in; and my personal favorite, one captioned "take a prostitute to a hotel  and get a free book."  (The later has been taken down by Facedbook, which has no  sense of  humor.) 

It's irony, of course. The lower we sink, the funnier things get. At some point you have to ask how much disrespect can a leader handle? "The President is a Liar" is a good measure.  Not Nixon, not even The Moron Busch who lied to us to  justify a war that cost trillions and killed thousands of Americans, was consistently called a liar in the main stream media.  Politicians might call each other liars... notably that asshole Joe Wilson... but the media has long been reluctant to do so.  

To be called a liar by the NYT or Forbes requires a special  relationship with the truth.  The presnut, who was given a pass on this issue during the 2016 campaign,  (what a shock he must have had when they finally began calling him on his bullshit!) was finally challenged on Inauguration Day.  Remember how he insisted he had the biggest inaugural in history and Kelly Ann Conway postulated the existence of "alternative facts?" 

By early spring 2017, the "fact checker" lists had began...  every major news outlet has one.  Last month, Forbes noted, in reliance on the WAPO's list, that the presnut has told 18,000 lies since taking office and, "As of early April, Trump has told 23.3 lies per day in 2020, a 0.5-lie increase since 2019. What’s more, Trump has averaged 23.8 lies per day since the first case of COVID-19 was reported in the US — another 0.5-lie increase."  Hysterical, but true. 

Have we hit rock bottom?  Apparently not.   Today, GOOP senators are defending the presnut's bible photo op. "Obamagate,"  a fraudulent claim that President Obama conspired against the good name of the President-elect back in 2016, is still a top priority in the Senate.  With the presnut threatening a military take-over of state policing powers while inciting his well-armed supporters to riot, have we not had enough?  Can we trust that there will be full and fair elections in November?  Can we survive with this lack of a leader  until January 20,  2021?

The 25th Amendment allows for the removal of the President when the Vice President, in conjunction with the majority of the cabinet or a majority of either house of Congress, is unable to "discharge the powers and duties of his office."   This can't happen without a serious conspiracy of the top GOOP leadership, but it is a kindness to state that the GOOP leadership is a confederacy of dunces.  The people who brought us Sarah Palin and Reince Priebus and the presnut himself  are not going to  save the nation.  We are all still in free fall.   The bottom is down there somewhere.  We should brace for the crash,  or try to laugh it off. 

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