Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Here's Why Jeff Bezos is about to be a Trillionaire!

So today I tried to order some birthday present for Harry, which is Friday. He is 87 on Friday and dying for some new underpants and tee shirts and long sleeve tee shirts.  What a surprise it will be!!

So I get on the internets and I find a fair (but expensive) price on the items I want at Duluth Trading they have great quality and usually worth a few extra bucks.   I spend about 15 minutes on it because their web site is not exactly user friendly, but they have two of the three items (wrong time of year for long-sleeve tees) and I finally get to check out and they are out of stock on one of the two items I want.   Another 15 minutes wasted.  

So I  check Walmart and they have exactly what I want and I spend another 15 minutes figuring out  whether I have an account there, and I apparently do, so I have to find the fuckin password, which I do, and I go to check out... and they tell me I have to go to the store cause its not available on the internets.  Only available in the store, which I am not going to the store because of ... the virus.  So fuck them.  25 minutes or so wasted here.  

So I checked Lands End but the prices are crazy and I am by  now swearing a lot and resigning myself to going to Walmart when I think... COSTCO.   Duh.  Costco will have it.  Yes they do but they can't ship anything until at least June 1.  FUCK THEM!

So I'm  swearing and going to the car when I think: I have missed the obvious.  Amazon.  Of course I hate Amazon,  Its too big and too rich and they treat their employees like peasants but the Prime TV thing is great and when it absolutely positively has to be there over night?  Jeff  Bezos is on the job. 

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  1. Tell Harry I wish him a Happy Birthday! Hope he enjoys the new undergarments!