Friday, May 1, 2020


Here is what I wrote this morning:  Warm and sunny morning.  Opened the upstairs windows and may even get a walk in today... What a thing.  Two hours later the temperature drops and  gray skies appear.  F THIS!!   Weather person says more rain today.  Rained most of yesterday.   Got my lawn mowers back from the shop Wednesday and even got some mowing done before the rain started.   Paying lawnmower bill made me miss the days when you took the mower to the neighbor who was good at these things and got it fixed for free.  I could have bought one new one for the repair bill on two. 
Started new rule this week, only one shopping day per week.  Requires a lot better planning, which has never been a strong suit here, but the rule is do without if you don't have it.  We will not starve even if we don't have any bread (which I'll  bake anyway.)  More importantly it's been more than two weeks since I bought gas and I still have better than a half tank.  I  usually fill it weekly. 

Here is a rant for ya!  One frightening note:  no chicken at Costco and very little at Wegpersons.  The presnut has done the right thing by ordering meat processors to stay open, but of course he has half-assed it.  He should be putting someone in charge with authority to ensure meat production and distribution and coordinate the health, safety and compensation of workers.  Failure to do so will turn this into another shitshow.

And speaking of shitshows, the Congress has thoroughly made one, too.  Only a few weeks into the virus reconstruction package and the wheels are already falling off the bus.  People who are out of work have discovered that the generous government tax refund is not enough money (and some people who got it  don't really need it), unemployment money is not forthcoming because the system is overwhelmed, and even if it weren't,  an unemployment check in most states is not adequate.  Tax breaks for millionaires materialize out of the government soup, big business got to the trough first and small business got pushed aside. 

There is a cheaper, easier and more equitable way to deal with this:

  • Everyone, including unemployed people, landlords, corporations who need assistance because of the virus get in the form of forbearance.  All mortgages, credit card payments, car payments rent payments, bond payments will be delayed until this is over.  Payments resume when the economy returns to normal and loans are extended on the back end. No interest accrues  in this period.  No balloon payments.  
  • People who have no money for food will get direct government support up to  80 percent of income.  
  • Everybody takes their losses.  Banks lose interest income, landlords lose rent.   Concert goers  don't get a full rebate on those concert tickets.  
  • No one gets a windfall.  People holding those concert tickets share with the musicians and vendors and venues. \
  • Everyone is eligible for interest free government guaranteed loans to be paid back on a schedule. Health care is free.  The government will subsidize the hospitals until this is over. 

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