Thursday, April 16, 2020


Beautiful sunny day here, but cold. Definitely tired of the cold. I hate this.

Here is some stupid for you. South Dakota Governor Christy Noem, operating from one of those bizarre libertarian platforms, has refused to make any effort to keep people at a socially safe distance. From yesterday's WAPO: "Citing scientific modeling, the governor acknowledged this month that up to 70 percent of residents in her state may ultimately fall ill with covid-19. But, she suggested, it wasn’t up to government to tell them how to behave." Admittedly its one of our lowest population states, 900,000. That means 630,000 people in South Dakota could get the virus. On the low end (three percent death rate) that means 27,000 dead. High end, 60,000. That does not include the many people in neighboring states who are sure to be exposed when all those free thinkers start to think it's time to get the hell out.

No surprise flour is hard to find. I haven't baked bread in more than a year, and now I'm baking a loaf every other day. Last night Will and Swillar took a notion to make doughnuts. something no one has ever done in this house. They were delicious. I imagine thousands of people all over the country having the same idea. Time to kill, Get out the cook books and start baking. About three weeks ago I could find no flour on the shelves at Mendon, but found one at Wegpersons. Last week, having burned through that one, I found a bag at Mendon, although the shelves were close to bare. Tuesday, I found five pounds of organic flour, a premium at about twice the usual flour price at Mendon. I did see that Costco has 25 pound bags. More than I need... for now anyway.


  1. I heard on NPR tonight that restaurants are getting into the grocery business as a way to stay afloat. Makes sense, they have restaurant-sized packs of food they're not using, why not portion it out and sell it to the involuntary home-dwellers. If you get desperate, you might call up some of our haunts to do some grocery shopping.

  2. Several eateries in my neighborhood are having outdoor "Saturday Morning Fresh Markets." It's a good food source for the local folks, and also helps out the restaurant suppliers. Would be nice if many of these businesses were still afloat when Covid 19 finally takes a bow.