Monday, April 13, 2020

               So hey, it's a blustery day.  Expecting winds gusting up to 70 miles per hour.  It's always a little concerning here at the farm, where we have 9 silver maples, each somewhere near 100 years old, keeping us cool in the summer.  They have dropped some pretty big branches in the past...notably one out front that lay itself  across the road to the great annoyance of the commuting public.  The two biggest trees are just behind the house and could wreck havoc if they cut loose some stormy night. But  I'm confident that we are safe.   The largest one straddles the septic tank so you know it is well nourished and content. And I think it's true that the other trees follow its' lead.  Likely they see this big wind as an opportunity to frolic, throw a little caution about, sow some  wild hares.  They have seen everything happen here for many years.  I expect they will do for many more.

               I'm not good at most brain puzzles. Never crosswords.  I do the first word in the Scramble every morning and skip onto the sports page.   For about the last year, however, I have been taking on the Bee Hive in the NYT.   You get seven letters and have to spell as many words (five letters or more) as you can, each word must include one designated letter.   I do well-enough at this to bring me back every week.  I almost always score "good," the lowest level, and I often score "excellent," which is like getting a silver medal.  Rarely do I score "genius."   EXCEPT TODAY!!  Gatekeeper.  There's a word for ya.

               I'll be making Shepard's Pie without onions tonight.  It's all about leftovers from last night, roast beast and potatoes and carrots and gravy.  But no onions.  Tomorrow is shopping day and I'm out of onions so none for the pie.  It's a condition worth getting used to.  Imagine all the driving I would save if I made this rule permanent.   Make do with what you have.  The perfect is the enemy of fuel economy. Better habits may come out of this. 

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