Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Is This AI at Work?


Or does USA Toady need smarter writers?  I know the corporate publishing world no longer sees a need for editors (because they can't afford them), so let me suggest that they just hire smarter writers?  The Toady publishes a book section in which they provide a picture of covers of five newly published books along with a two-paragraph summary of the work.  This week, the headline says: “Novels by Minka Kelly, Sunny Hostin: What to Read this week.”  Problem is Ms. Kelly’s book is not a novel, it’s a memoir.  You would think someone who edits a book section in a major national publication would know the difference.

A related note for the writer from a Friday Night Lights fan.   Lyla Garrity was anything but a “spoiled teenager.”  Her father was an overbearing drunk and philanderer, the love of her life suddenly became a paraplegic in a football game, and his best friend was available.  With a little help from Jesus and the Coach’s wife, Lila held it together just fine.  Nothing spoiled about Lyla.  

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  1. I see the blurb also ignores Kelly's pivotal role as Gaby, behavioral aid to Max, on Parenthood.